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summer fence discount

Early Summer Special!

We’re excited to offer an early summer discount in honor of our 70th celebration year!*

Get 7% off your new fence installation!  

So, what are you waiting for?! Give us a call today and get a quote. 
This offer is valid for any new fence project initiated on or before July 1. Wells Fargo Financing — 12 months, no interest— is available too.

*Included materials: Cedar, Whitewood, Allience Aluminum, Allience Steel, residential chain link (galvanized and black). 


Customer of Allied Fence Since 1961

In 1961 as newlyweds, Anne and Willie Walker bought a quaint new house in northwest Atlanta, near Perry Homes. One of the first things they did was to install a 4′ galvanized chain link fence from Allied Fence Co. Over the years, they meticulously maintained their house and their yard. Several years ago, Anne was widowed, but she chose to stay in her house, along with her dog Sam. In May 2022 when Sam found a way to breach the fence, Allied Fence came to the rescue. Kenny Gillam made the needed repair to assure that Sam would stay inside the fence.
In 1961, Allied Fence offered a lifetime warranty on chain link fences to original purchasers, so Anne Walker was not charged to fix the problem that her dog Sam had caused. Anne was very happy to have chosen Allied Fence 61 years ago.